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Better editing

Better value

Deploy to more users

More lightweight

Collaborate like never before

Better Editing

Stop wasting your valuable time and easily edit your PDFs like a professional, with word processing like capabilities.

Power PDF offers a better business solution for editing your documents. Easily adjust text documents, fill forms, add signatures, passwords and watermarks, black out and highlight text or add different levels of security with Nuance Power PDF.

Edit Text Straight Into Your File

The Power PDF editor allows you to alter text and images in PDF files, without having to convert to Microsoft Office Word or any other word processor first. If the original is on paper, scan it in and start editing your PDF immediately.

Reading Order Editor

Power PDF Advanced provides users with a reading order editor that helps them correct or redesign the reading order of the content of tagged PDF files. Other features enable assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to accurately read out loud the document content for visually disabled persons.

Editing Software Anyone Can Learn

Power PDF's intuitive Microsoft Of- fice-style ribbon interface makes learn- ing how to use the editor easy for ev- eryone. Edit a PDF file by opening the Power PDF programme or go to the special ribbon in your Microsoft Office programmes.

Better Value

Power PDF is the smarter value in PDF software. Now there is an alternative to Adobe Acrobat with intuitive tools that act like a familiar Microsoft Office® 2016 ribbon experience which also supports touch-enabled Windows® tablets and laptops. It features an impressive array of functionality specifically designed to make business staff and mobile professionals more productive at a price that can't be beaten.

Power PDF makes it easy to convert different file types into PDF. Once installed, a button will be added to your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook making creating stan - dard, searchable, or editable PDF files possible with just one click.

To Word

To Excel

To Power Point

To Image

To Text

To Other

Deploy to More Users

With this Adobe Acrobat alternative, robust PDF capabilities can be deployed to more users on the same budget. Adobe Acrobat costs over 3 times more. With so many similar functions and uses at a much lower price, it's easy to see why Power PDF Advanced is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative.

The No. 1 Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

Customisable PDF functionality

Offers a configurator tool that enables IT to easily choose and install the functionality that works for your company. Also supports Remote Desktop Services (RMS) and Citrix deployments.

Automated enterprise security

View protected PDF files and apply protection to PDF documents using Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

Value and accessibility

Priced attractively with our flexible licensing programs, so you can predict your budget for PDF software.

More Lightweight

No bloatware here, this Adobe Acrobat alternative is easy to deploy without wasting valuable computing resources.

Maintain Your Formatting

Nuance Power PDF's Document As-  sembly and Splitting features make it easy to insert and rearrange PDF files while maintaining tables, columns, page numbers, and tables of content as you go.

No Copy-Pasting, No Retyping

Forget about having to copy and paste one part of a document into another. And why retype text you already have in front of you? Enhance your produc- tivity and simply merge the part of the file you need into another and use the Power PDF reading order editor to or- ganize your documents in the correct order.

A Familiar Way of Working

Worried about learning yet another piece of software? With Power PDF's Microsoft ribbon interface, learning how to use the software is easy for every- one. It is designed to integrate with your existing workflow, quickly making everyone more efficient.

Collaborate Like Never Before

It's optimized for Windows 10 and touch screen devices, allowing connectivity to popular cloud services, signing and protecting your documents from unwanted access.

Convert Multiple Files at Once

Say goodbye to retyping multiple doc- uments. With Nuance's converter you can convert more than one PDF into other Microsoft Office formats, so you can get tasks done faster and focus on growing your business with powerful, easy-to-use features.

No Headaches, It's Easy to Learn

Power PDF is designed to integrate with your existing workflow, and learn- ing how to use the software is easy enough with the Microsoft ribbon inter- face. Read our How-To Guide below and see how easy it is.

Maintain Your Formatting

Nuance Power PDF makes it easy to insert and rearrange multiple PDF files while maintaining complex layouts with tables, columns, page numbers and graphics.


User Reviews

Sarah Hyser-Staub - McNees Wallace & Nurick

Recently switched to this PDF software instead of using the previous software. Was suspicious at first because I have never used anything but for PDF. Have to say, I strongly prefer Power PDF. It is much easier to edit PDFs in this software and much easier to convert back and forth between Word, Excel, and other formats. Highly recommend!

Zain Zaidi - Operations Tech at Fried Frank

Nuance has always made good products but this one really exceeded my expectations. The layout is very simple and easy to use. The tools are very advanced - especially the abilities of it to reduce PDF sizes. I have always had trouble reducing PDFs to an acceptable size to send out - and Nuance Power PDF is the best at getting the job done.

Today's leading businesses use Nuance Power PDF